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  • Shannon Smith

Why the Habit Breaker program is transforming eating habits (and how it can change yours too without overwhelming changes).

- No drastic diets.

- No unmanageable routines.

- No unrealistic expectations.

I adhere to this blueprint rigorously:

1. My program is never, "just another diet plan."

2. It's always a fusion of 3 elements...

3. One is step-by-step, week-by-week program based in the highest quality of neuroscience research (7 weeks)

4. Plus clear and easy steps you take to embed your new habits into your daily routine

5. Plus a live coaching component (even after you complete the program, so you don’t backslide)

The program helps you understand you brain so you can use it to your advantage

The program gives you clear and easy steps to follow to rewire your neural pathways

The live coaching ensures your new habits stick

Then, I share tips weekly and interact with the community frequently so 0 days pass without you receiving valuable advice.

Remember, at the core:

1. Lay down new neural pathways

2. Strengthen those new synaptic connections

3. Engage with me to cement those new habits

4. Apply the knowledge throughout your lifetime (it works with other habits)

5. Repeat with the next tactic every single week

- This is how lasting change is achieved.

- Focus on your brain.

- Keep it simple.

P.S. Message me "Habit Breaker" if 2024 is your year of transformation

- You'll adapt your eating habits with our brain science program

- You'll understand how to permanently alter your eating behavior

- You'll master the art of sustaining change through neural adaptation

You'll receive step-by-step support towards a healthier lifestyle.

For free brainy habit tips and tricks, sign up for the Habit Hacker – delivered to your inbox every Thursday (in the featured section).

- I am the Habit Breaker

- My Habit Breaker Program will give you a Limitless Mindset

- You can apply what you learn to ANYTHING

- Get a super-hoomin mindset

- Get to the next level

- Go from Struggle Bus 🚌 to Unicorn 🦄

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