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  • Shannon Smith

Unlock the secrets of your gray matter and find out why brain science might just be your new best friend (spoiler: it's not just for nerds).

Struggling to swap old habits for new ones?

It's not just you—it's your brain!

Our Habit Breaker Program, rooted in cutting-edge brain science, unveils why ditching those pesky habits feels like an uphill battle.

Here's the scoop:

Your brain adores routine, even if it's not the healthiest.

That's where we step in!

Our program leverages neuroscience to rewire your brain...crafting pathways for new, healthier habits.

You'll gain insights into your brain's habit-forming mechanisms, empowering you with strategies to make lasting changes.

What you'll experience:

- An understanding of why your brain clings to old habits (and how to outsmart it!)

- Tailored strategies to reshape your neural pathways, making way for positive habits.

- A supportive community that's all about celebrating small wins on the way to big transformations.

With our neuroscience-backed approach, you're not just changing habits...

you're changing your brain...

for the long haul.

"Yes, things have been better since the reset. I haven't noticed a fall away in performance or motivation."

Slide into my DMs with 'Habit Breaker' and let's get your neurons firing in a different direction.

- I am the Habit Breaker

- My Habit Breaker Program will give you a Limitless Mindset

- You can apply what you learn to ANYTHING

- Get a super-hoomin mindset

- Get to the next level

- Go from Struggle Bus 🚌 to Unicorn 🦄

P.S. Do you celebrate St. Paddys Day?

P.P.S. I don't like green beer.

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