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  • Shannon Smith

5 Ways to transform your habit-breaking journey into a graceful dance, with brain science as your partner (without the frustration and expletives)

Updated: Mar 28

Feeling like your bad habits are masterminding a grand scheme against you?

Don't worry.

You aren't alone

This is not a unique feeling

Its a common and very hoomin feeling

You don't have to feel like that anymore tho...

5 Ways to Leverage Brain Science to Break Your Bad Habits:

1) Decode the Habit Heist:

Every habit orchestrates a crafty loop - cue, routine, reward. Sleuth out the triggers and the sneaky rewards. Arm yourself with this intel; you're now the habit loop's mastermind.

2) Neuroplasticity to the Rescue:

Your brain's neuroplasticity is its superpower to rewire and reform. Introduce a positive behavior as the new routine when the old cue winks at you. It's like teaching your neurons a healthier dance routine on the synaptic dance floor.

3) Repetition, the Brain's Rhythm:

Dopamine, the feel-good neurotransmitter, plays DJ in this dance. Repeat your positive routine and building stronger synaptic connections. The more you practice, the more your neurons vibe to the new beat.

4) Social Neurons:

Humans are social creatures, thanks to our mirror neurons and our social reward system. So, when you buddy up for habit transformation, it's not just moral support; it's neurological. Sharing your journey creates a brainy echo chamber that amplifies your wins.

5) Celebrate:

Your brain adores rewards. Each mini-celebration releases a burst of dopamine, reinforcing those new neural pathways. It's like giving your brain a high-five right in your nucleus accumbens.

Your Brain, the Ultimate Sidekick:

Harnessing the power of neuroscience, you're not just ditching bad habits; you're orchestrating a brainy ballet of change.

- I am the Habit Breaker

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- Get a super-hoomin mindset

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- Go from Struggle Bus 🚌 to Unicorn 🦄

DM me "Habit Breaker" if you're tired of being held back by your bad habits

P.S. Anyone here love to dance?

P.P.S. Anyone ballroom, or tango?

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