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  • Shannon Smith

Tears, expletives (plenty of them) and even some blood. 

Updated: Mar 18

That is what my 2022 looked like. 

I made a smarht…maybe not so smart…decision to remodel a house on an island. 

The unique location posed logistical challenges, from transportation hurdles to limited labor (not everyone wants to work on an island it turns out)… 

I had already established a relationship with a contractor on another project, so I was confident he would come through for me. 

Yeah, he came through with the shoddiest, crappiest work you can dream up. 

🤡 Left HUGE messes every time

🤡 Threw cigarette butts in my yard

🤡 Somehow managed to ruin a brand new grill that I allowed his crew to use? 

🤡 And charged me out the nose. 


Finding another contractor on an island? 


The contractors I encountered saw me as a genuine lady-sucker and gave me INSANE quotes. 

Ladies, not sure if you can relate but wow. 

I burned through the remainder of my budget and then some…

Lucky for me, my lifesaver came – Ms. April.

A big-hearted contractor who lived in Tacoma and rescued 4 American Pit Bull Terriers (you can guess where we bonded)…

I credit her entirely with the completion of the place. 

She even fixed several of the crappy contractors work…although we keep finding more gems…

I am so grateful to her. 

We’re friends now and talk often. 

It’s been done since Spring 2023 and now, that I’m not in the thick of it, I can glean a few lessons:

🧠 Never trust a contractor, always verify as soon as you can

🧠 Be kind to everyone all the time

🧠 Be interested in people (it uncovered our shared love for pibbles)

🧠 You can always adapt and overcome (yay neuroplasticity)

🧠 There is always a plan b (or plan z)

🧠 Failing is quitting

🧠 My anterior mid cingulate cortex is a BEEFCAKE (tenacity)


Doing new things is where growth happens…

…and it's how we can truly discover what we're capable of.


-      I am the Habit Breaker

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-      You can apply what you learn to ANYTHING


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