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  • Shannon Smith

Struggling with procrastination? 

Updated: Mar 28

You're not alone. 

But what if I told you that your brain holds the key to conquering it once and for all?

Introducing the Habit Breaker Program: a revolutionary approach that leverages neuroscience hacks to transform your procrastination habit into productivity power.


Here's how the Habit Breaker Program changes the game:


1) Understand the Neuroscience Behind It: Learn why your brain chooses procrastination and how to rewire it for action.

2) Trigger Transformation: Utilize neuroscience-based triggers to shift from delay to do.

3) Reinforce with Rewards: Manipulate your dopamine squirts to reinforce your new productivity habits.


By diving into the Habit Breaker Program, you'll experience:


— A deep understanding of your procrastination patterns.

— Practical, neuroscience-based strategies to initiate action.

— A rewarding system that encourages consistency and progress.


Imagine a day when procrastination is no longer a barrier:


"My stress alone is down at least 90% since last month. I credit that to this program."


"My overthinking was reduced by 40%."


"Yes, things have been better since the reset. I haven't noticed a fall away in performance or motivation."


What does the Habit Breaker Program offer?


— A comprehensive guide to the science of habits.

— Tailored strategies to transform your procrastination habit.

— Ongoing support to ensure your new habits stick.


Ready to change the way you work and live?

My next Habit Breakers Session is almost sold out. 

We have 3 early bird VIP slots available. 

They will be gone by the end of the day. 


DM me “Habit Breaker” to start your journey with the Habit Breaker Program and turn procrastination into a thing of the past.

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