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  • Shannon Smith

How to outsmart your procrastinating brain: 5 strategies that are surprisingly simple (and effective) to get a Limitless Mindset

Updated: Mar 28

We’ve all been there. 

That thing that is quietly calling to us…

As we are deep into our second movie on a Saturday…

You have good intentions

But maybe you just: 

🧠 Are afraid of failing

🧠 Are a perfectionist

🧠 Are overwhelmed


Here are 5 insights that can help you outsmart your brain's procrastination tendencies and get to a limitless mindset.


1) Understand Your Brain's Reward System

When you procrastinate, your brain chooses immediate pleasure (like scrolling through social media)…

…over long-term benefits (like completing a project). 

It's all about the dopamine squirt. 

But here's a game-changer…

…break your tasks into smaller, manageable chunks. 

Each time you complete a small task…

…you get a mini dopamine squirt

…reinforcing your brain's desire to stay on track.


2) Leverage the Power of Precommitment

Precommitment strategies, like telling a friend your goal or setting a public deadline…

…can activate your brain's fear of loss. 

This taps into the anterior cingulate cortex…

…boosting your motivation to avoid the negative feelings associated with not meeting your commitment.


3) Retrain Your Brain with Mindfulness

Procrastination often stems from the discomfort of starting a daunting task.


Mindfulness can train your brain to stay present and reduce the urge to escape into procrastination. 

Simple mindfulness exercises can recalibrate your brain's response to discomfort…

…making it easier to get started on tasks.


4) Understand Your Brain's Peak Times

Everyone has a unique circadian rhythm that influences their peak productivity times. 

Identify when your brain is most alert and schedule your most challenging tasks during these windows. 

This alignment can significantly reduce the temptation to procrastinate.

Mine is first thing in the morning. 


5) The Role of the Prefrontal Cortex and a Plan

Your prefrontal cortex is the command center for decision-making and impulse control. 

Have a plan in place for completing that task you are putting off…

…and execute it. 

Don’t think about it. 

Just do. 

Small, consistent changes lead to big changes in your life.





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Go from Struggle Bus 🚌 to Unicorn 🦄




P.S. I always find ways to avoid putting laundry away

P.P.S. Anyone else procrastinate laundry-putting-away-tasks?

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