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  • Shannon Smith

In 2009, I signed up for a triathlon. 

Updated: Mar 18


Because I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone…

…and because my firm gave us a shiny new bike outta the deal if we participated…(gotta be honest).


My goals were simple yet daunting: 

1) Not to puke, and 

2) Not to finish last


I realized that to achieve something you've never done, you have to do things you've never done. 

This meant:

-      training (still didn’t train enough)

-      changing my diet (could have been more strict)

-      and most importantly, changing my mindset.


Every day was a battle between my old self and the person I aspired to be. 

But I learned something crucial…

…by consistently stepping out of my comfort zone, I was not only training my body…

…but rewiring my brain to embrace discomfort as a pathway to growth.

AND boosting my anterior mid cingulate cortex (aMCC)


The race day arrived, and as I crossed the finish line…

I achieved both my goals…

I didn't puke, and I wasn't last. 

But the real victory was the commitment and building my tenacity.

It taught me that we are capable of incredible things when we challenge our neural pathways to adapt new habits and mindsets.


This experience wasn't just about the triathlon; it was a testament to the power of stepping out of your comfort zone. 


It's where growth happens, and it's how we can truly discover what we're capable of.


🧠 Embrace the suck

🧠 Embrace the struggle

💡  Embrace a new tool to help you that is FREE...


She’s free – in the Featured Section below - Neurella


Disclaimer: you need ChatGPT 4.0


Go from Struggle Bus 🚌 to Unicorn 🦄


P.S. What have you done where you questioned your life choices after?

P.P.S. I also learned to sail, bought a boat, hang-glided, aerial acrobatics-ed...etc...

P.P.P.S. Pics of tri in the comments of my experience. My poker face is obvious…questioning all of my life choices. 

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