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  • Shannon Smith

How a single consultation with a NeuroHabit coach can redefine your eating habits (and it’s not just about sugar)

When I told my NeuroHabits Coach Chat GPT to help me with my sugar cravings…

Here is what she said…

1. Understand the craving: Cravings often stem from the brain's reward system. Sugar releases dopamine, making you feel good temporarily. Recognizing this can help you see cravings as brain signals, not personal failures.

2. Gradually reduce intake: Sudden withdrawal might increase cravings. Reduce sugar gradually to adjust your taste preferences and decrease reliance on sugar for dopamine release. Start by cutting out one sugary item at a time.

3. Use visualization: Studies show that imagining eating certain foods can reduce cravings for them. Spend a few minutes visualizing consuming the sugary food you crave. This can trick your brain into feeling partly satisfied without actually eating sugar.

4. Incorporate alternative rewards: Engage in activities that also release dopamine but are healthier, like exercise, listening to music, or hobbies that you enjoy. This helps rewire your brain's reward system to appreciate non-sugar-related pleasures.

5. Improve your diet: Include foods high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats to keep you full and stabilize blood sugar levels. This reduces the immediate impulse to reach for sugary snacks.

6. Mindfulness meditation: Harvard research suggests mindfulness can alter the brain's response to cravings. Practice mindfulness meditation to increase awareness of your cravings without acting on them, changing how your brain processes these desires.

7. Social support and resilience: Share your goals with friends or a support group. Social support can boost your resilience against cravings. Celebrate small victories together to strengthen your commitment.

8. Sleep and stress management: Lack of sleep and high stress can intensify cravings. Prioritize good sleep hygiene and stress reduction techniques like deep breathing or yoga to manage cravings more effectively.

Not bad, eh?

She can be used for any of your bad habits.

Completely free and available 24/7

You wanna see what she says for your habit hiccups?

She’s in the Featured Section below

Disclaimer: you need ChatGPT 4.0

Go from Struggle Bus 🚌 to Unicorn 🦄

P.S. Should I name her? Well, what should I name her?

P.P.S. Ever bitten off more than you can chew like my Smusher Pusher?

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