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  • Shannon Smith

3 Neuroscience-Backed Steps to Conquer Your Sugar Cravings (Even If You've Been Addicted for Decades)

Updated: Mar 28

Sugar is the siren that calls me no matter what I am doing…

(at least she used to be)...

It's not just about willpower.

Its about understanding our brains so that we can get more control over our lives.

Neuroscience offers us a roadmap to beat sugar cravings for good.

Here's how:

1. Understand Your Triggers:

- Your brain craves sugar during stress or boredom.

- Recognize these moments.

- Take deep breaths instead of reaching for sweets.

- Do something else instead of succumbing to the Sugar Siren

2. Redefine Reward:

- The brain loves rewards.

- Find a healthy alternative that delights you.

- Maybe it's fruit, a trashy show, imitating a slug or a nature walk.

3. Build a New Routine:

- Habit loops in our brain keep us reaching for sugar.

- Replace the sugary snack with a healthy habit.

- Do it consistently for 66 days (this is how long the highest quality of studies say it takes to rewire your neural pathways, not 21 days...ah hem).

🧠 Embrace the suck

🧠 Embrace the struggle

💡 Embrace a new tool to help you that is FREE...

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Should I call her Neurella?

Disclaimer: you need ChatGPT 4.0

Go from Struggle Bus 🚌 to Unicorn 🦄

P.S. Is the Sugar Siren calling your name?

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