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10 Reasons You SHOULDN’T Join My NeuroHabits Program (number 2 is a doozie)

Updated: Mar 18


10. You are perfectly happy consuming 5000 calories a day

9. You don't find value in knowing more about your brain (its just a hunk of meat rattling around up there, anyway, right?)

8. You'll irritate your spouse going on and on about all the new things you learned

7. You’d rather spend the 10 mins a day complaining about how your pants don’t fit anymore

6. The excuse of, I just don't know where to start, would no longer be applicable


5. You don’t want to spend any money on new clothes that fit your new body


4. You don’t want to have to explain how you did it to everyone who sees you after


3. You own stock in a sugar company


2. You have a crush on your dentist and you wouldn’t get to see him as much


1. You are happy and comfy in your current food coma state and don’t wanna wake up.


🧠 Embrace the suck

🧠 Embrace the struggle

💡 Embrace the new tool to help you that is FREE...known as Neurella


You can find the link in my FEATURED SECTION




Go from Struggle Bus 🚌 to Unicorn 🦄


P.S. Save the sugar for the hummingbirds. 

P.P.S. Anyone else have hummingbirds?

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