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Proof of Concept (POC)

POC Results

Tactics via YouTube Videos

The tactics appear to be effective for those who have completed the pilot. 


274.8% increase in desired behavior.

74.7% decrease in undesired behavior.


The participants practiced the exercises 5-10 min per day for 5 weeks.


The desired habit changes varied by participant.They selected the habit they wanted to change. All habits are located in the striatum so the habit itself was not a dependency.

Weight Loss

“30lbs off, lost 7” on my waist and 5” on my hips.”


“Doing stretching exercises, cardio and 100 squats every day.”


"Able to walk longer periods."


"Continuing to eat healthy, no processed food."


"I walked over 160 miles in March."

Thought Processes

"My stress alone is down at least 90% since last month. I credit that to this program."


"My overthinking was reduced by 40%."


"Yes, things have been better since the reset. I haven't noticed a fall away in performance or motivation."


"The default is now my desired behavior change."


"It's automatic."


"I've kept up healthy habits."


"Everyone can reboot/rewire the brain. It is a matter of self-acceptance, commitment and compromise, perseverance and self-worthiness."


"The newly established habits took hold in other ways I wasn't anticipating."


"I've stayed active and rarely ever have any alcohol." 

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