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Transform Your Team Using Neuroscience

From Struggle Bus 🚌 to Unicorn 🦄 with Neuroscience Hacks 🧠 Startups Transformed by HarvardX Verified Neuroscience Researcher 🚀 

Lead your team down a path to a culture where change is embraced, not feared, using neuroscience expertise without having to read hundreds of peer-reviewed articles.

  • Boost Your Teams' Productivity

  • Increase Your Tenacity

  • Transform Your Leadership Style 

  • Cultivate Cognitive Flexibility in Yourself and Team

  • Keep Your Team Motivated & Aligned

  • Build Resilience in Your Team

  • Get Better at Making Decisions Under Pressure

Course Highlights:


1. Neuroscience of Change:

Gain deep insights into how the brain processes change, empowering you to devise strategies that minimize resistance and maximize acceptance among your team members.

2. Emotional Intelligence in Leadership:

Develop emotional intelligence rooted in neuroscience, enhancing your ability to empathize, communicate, and inspire trust—vital for effective change leadership.

3. Cognitive Flexibility:

Cultivate a mindset of adaptability and cognitive flexibility within your team, enabling them to embrace change, learn new skills, and innovate proactively.

4. Science of Motivation

Acquire proven neuroscience-based leadership techniques to motivate your team and keep them aligned at the core level.


5. Neuroscience of Productivity

Learn the inner workings of productivity and how to boost it in yourself and your team. 

6. Resilience Building and Decision Making Under Pressure:

Learn how to build resilience in your team members, empowering them to bounce back from setbacks, overcome challenges, and thrive in the face of change. Leverage cognitive flexibility to make decisions under pressure.

7. Increase Your Tenacity

You can increase your tenacity, which is located in the anterior midcingulate cortex (aMCC). Learn tactics to become more determined. 

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Intro Course:
Neuroscience of Change 101

1.1  Intro to Neuroplasticity

1.2 Neural Mechanisms of Change Resistance

1.3 Strategies for Neural Rewiring

1.4 NeuroLead Strategies

Practical Exercises: Engage in practical scenarios to reinforce learning.

1 Hour of Video Lecture: Delve into the neuroscience of leadership at your own pace.

Buy the Video: Own a lifetime access to transformative insights.

What Our Participants Say:

"Overall, a fantastic, practical evidence-based workshop that helps individuals understand why they resist change but also provides useful strategies to help them embrace it."

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Early Bird Special: Sign up now and enjoy a 28% discount on the course fee.

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