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NeuroPsych 1:1 Coaching
Work Better  --->  Live Better​  ---> Be Better

Who I Work With:
  • Fortune 500 Leaders
  • Individuals Looking to Create Long-Term Habit Change
  • Change Practitioners

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How Does This Work?

 1. Schedule a 15 minute discovery call with me:
This will help me to ensure you get what you need.

2. Within 24 hours, you'll receive a detailed email from me outlining our session's agenda tailored precisely to your objectives. 

The email will come with a new 60-min calendly link and a payment link. 

3. After Our Session You Will Get:

-Meeting Recording

-Actionable Blueprint: Customized, step-by-step plan to integrate neuroscience into your life or work. 

-Neuroscience Driven Tools and Tactics: You can use immediately without having to get a degree in neuroscience. 

Areas of Expertise

- **Neuroscience-Driven Leadership:** Applying cutting-edge neuroscience to transform behaviors and decision-making processes.

- **Habit Change Mastery:** Guiding leaders in implementing lasting habit changes for personal and professional growth.

- **Change Management Expertise:** Equipping leaders to navigate organizational change with resilience and adaptability.


Hear it From The Horse's Mouth


**Success Stories: Real Transformations, Real People**


"With regard to the effect it had on me, I am impressed with the results. I think that the test of time is the one that really matters and for me it has hit that mark."



“Overall, a fantastic, practical evidenced-based workshop that will helps individuals understand why they resist change but also useful strategies to help them embrace it.”



“I’ve been great and have definitely sustained my positive habits, which has greatly benefited my quality of life.   Thanks for checking in and keep up the great work!”


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